Flame On

The Stabby Women are making a return for my forthcoming show at C.A.V.E Gallery, Venice Beach.

KidAcne_StabbyWomen_FlameOn KidAcne_WiccanPriestess_StabbyWomen


Stabby Women Heads

KidAcne_StabbyWomen_Head_A KidAcne_StabbyWomen_Head_B KidAcne_StabbyWomen_Head_C KidAcne_StabbyWomen_Head_D KidAcne_StabbyWomen_Head_E KidAcne_StabbyWomen_Head_F


Palimpsest Doorways

Green Point, Brooklyn

KidAcne_StabbyWomen_Brooklyn_NYC KidAcne_StabbyWomen_Brooklyn_NYC2 KidAcne_StabbyWomen_Brooklyn_NYC3


The Science of Sesh – OUT NOW

Scotty HardThe Science of Sesh, artwork by Kid Acne, lovingly defaced by LadyBug Mecca, Sebastian Laws, Nosaj, Florence Blanchard, Prince Paul, Dan The Automator + Digital Vagabondz. Wicked night at Max Fish last night!



Mongrels Up On Bandcamp

This week we’ve been busy adding the entire MONGRELS back catalogue to bandcamp.

Next week we’ll update our MySpace no doubt.


Lyrics by Kid Acne, beats by Benjamin + collaborations with Burgundy Blood, Sebastian Laws (New Kingdom), Juice Aleem, Lord Rao (Strange U) and a whole slew of remixes by the likes of Scotty Hard, Hashfinger, Morriarchi, Third Person Lurkin’ and Sam Zircon.




Stencils + Cutbacks

Whatever next?!



The Science of Sesh: New York Hold Tight

Next Thursday I’ll be playing records alongside Prince Paul, Dan The Automator and Digital Vagabondz for the Scotty Hard ‘The Science of Sesh’ album launch party at the legendary Max Fish, NYC.



Bless This Mess

Final days in the current studio… 



“I’m going through changes…”


Return of the Stabby Women – Works In Progress

The female warriors are making a comeback…

KidAcne_StabbyWomen_FemaleWarrior_A KidAcne_StabbyWomen_FemaleWarrior_B KidAcne_StabbyWomen_FemaleWarrior_C KidAcne_StabbyWomen_FemaleWarrior_D


Live And Learn – Work in Progress

New slogan piece ahead of my show at C.A.V.E Gallery this Summer. I started painting slogan murals around 10 years ago. They started off quite BIG and over the years have got BIGGER. Despite a few attempts, I’ve not felt able to translate them successfully onto canvas. After many hours tweaking and refining the process, I feel they’re now heading in the right direction. To my surprise, they tend to work better on smaller canvases. To me, this new approach allows each piece to retain the same kind of rawness and immediacy of the giant murals, but without trying to compete in the same arena. You can expect plenty more of these in the near future.


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