Worst Luck

Coincidentally, we shot the 12″ sleeve on Friday 13th (and smashed a mirror). See if you can spot all of the bad luck charms, including Brassed Off on video… There’s a limited edited 7″ kicking about too. Word. 

Strong And Northern

I just had this design printed as a limited run of screen prints inspired by our South Yorkshire’s favourite condiment. Limited edition of 100, signed and numbered on B2 recycled stock. Keep an eye out for them. 


Laser Deck

Refill 7 asked me to design an exclusive graphic for their laser-etched skateboard expo @ MTV Gallery, Sydney this month. Here’s what I done:  





The Devil Wears Primark

I got asked to do some T-shirts for Prada recently. I even got to visit their office in Milan, which was pretty snazzy but I’m gutted I never got to have a go on the Carsten Höller slide. You can probably find this and a handful of other designs I did for them in Harvey Nicks. I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been to Leeds.