Issue 8 + 1 = 6 Pages

+ 1 Magazine have run a feature on my work in their current issue. Despite sounding like a bit of a miserable twat, it was nice to get it off my chest and talk to someone who cares… Thanks fellas.

Metallic Totems

This is a new graphic I’ve designed for Unabomber. It’s available in three different sizes and colourways; gold, silver and bronze. Due for release in the new year. Bosh! 

The Bowery Boys

Inspired by the bottles behind the bar, specimen jars and Baseball Fury, I designed this window graphic for a new watering hole in Sheffield. It’s called The Bowery

Hey Ladies!!!

A bunch of little stabby women have been cropping up in a handful of major cities. These were spotted in East London. They’ve got swords but I doubt they’ll murk you, unless of course it’s Murkday…