Valhalla Gun Club

100 Pieces of Havana is a 100 hour-long exhibition at Truman Brewery featuring customized rum bottles by 100 international artists. In order to draw on the empty bottle I drank the contents with my mate – served with fresh lime, ginger, sugar and crushed ice (well nice). Afterwards he tried to explain “decantering”. I still don’t know what he was on about, something daft I expect. Anyhow, I couldn’t make it to the opening so the PR company kindly promised to send some photos. By the looks of things I weren’t the only one gerrin’ boozed-up on a school night… I wonder if Kinga was invited? She’d have loved that shit.  

Pass Me The Rizla

Dazed & Confused have stuck my boat race in their magazine. They’ve also transcribed part of a conversation I had with Greg Wilson about music, which didn’t make much sense to be honest. The long and short of it is that I’ve been asked to DJ at a few festivals this summer, including Big Chill and Bestival for Rizla’s Invisible Players. Other, proper DJs include Greg Wilson, Annie Nightingale, Heavenly Jukebox, Maurice Fulton, Derek Carter, oh and my mate Benjamin, who also brought some records and a hip flask of Sailor Jerry’s. Good times. 

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Knitted Fox

DDB are hosting a mini exhibition of my work in their London office this month. The show is based on an exclusive, one-off knitwear design I created for Autumn/Winter ’08. It’s a fox draped over a girl’s shoulder made from the finest wool in the land. Crucial.