Gordon Bennett

Me and my friend repainted the side of our old local pub last week. It was the owner’s birthday and proper sunny so we spent more time drinking instead of painting, but as he pointed out, “we’re jackasses”. The balloons were his idea. Cosmic.

Kings Of Lyon

I was asked to produce some illustrations for a fake roadsigns project in Lyon called Panos 2013. I kept the theme strictly French cartoons – Leguman, Smurfs and The Mysterious Cities of Gold… they dig that shit over there. www.bopano.com is now launched where you can see the complete series of roadsigns.  


Thunderdog Studios invited me to take part in a group show in Belo Horizonte this month. They were even kind enough to fly me to Brazil so we could hang out in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to paint walls and get drunk before we hung the exhibition. My best bits were visiting VooDoo shops, eating chicken hearts and hanging out with Igor Cavalera. ‘Brothers In Arms’ runs until the end of September and features new works by myself, Tristan Eaton, Calma, 123 Klan and David Flores.  For full details visit: www.thunderblogspot.com