Chupacabra Flying V

I was asked to devalue a Gibson guitar for Brazilian(t) youth chazza, ABC Trust. This flying bad boy was inspired by Chupacabra, a mythical creature in South America. He’s half bat / half goat or something. Everyone else drew on either a Les Paul or SG, but I reckon this is keeping the scene alive with that winning combo of rock heritage and world mythology.

The print is a collaboration with my friend Calma. He lives with monkeys in Bahia, which sounds like paradise, but he says they’re always nicking fruit out of his kitchen so they mega do his head in. 

The auction is on Wednesday and Lovefoxxx is DJing. She designed a guitar too. All proceeds to ABC Trust.   




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Black Books Finest

I first met Silvio in 2003 when he came to London with RCF1 to collect material for an excellent, but sadly short lived magazine titled Gettin’ Fame. Although I can’t read the French text, it still stands up to this day as a great publication.
The next time we met was a few years later when I bumped into bunch of blaireaus getting drunk by the canal in Paris one summer’s evening. Amongst the chaos and high spirits stood Silvio – He asked me to do some outlines for a screen printed fanzine he was making called Black Books Finest. The copy he had with him included hand-styles by the likes of Jon One and O’ Clock, so I felt pretty honoured to be asked.
After a few set backs, the second installment is finally seeing the light of day. I’m still waiting for a copy, but did notice contributions by Mike Giant and Grim Team, so no doubt it’ll be a goody.
Format is 32cm x 45cm, hand screen printed and limited to 100 copies. C’est chouette, non? 

Straight To Vimeo

Another good friend / good egg / talented chap / Sheffield expat, Neil Chester put this lil’ beauty together. Sod Edutainment – this is Entercation. Thanks Boss. 


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Better Than Nothing

After getting distracted with my own short runs of screen prints the past few years, I finally pulled my finger out and pulled this pair of designs out the bag for Pictures On Walls. Inspired by extinct animals, fallen empires and backhanded complements, these went online this week and by the looks of it have almost sold out. Each print boasts a metallic, fluoro and spot varnish. It’s always nice when someone else picks up the bill. Thanks guys. I knew we’d get there in the end. 


Instant Karma

My sketch book got passed around at the private view and it’s not often the likes of Elk, SheOne, GasFace, Ziml, ATG, Stormie, Rough, Sick Boy, Cept, Busk, Pure Evil, Pete Fowler, Will Barras, Stef Plaetz, Sweet Toof, Chu, Midfield General, D*Face, Word To Mother and London Police get up in the same pages – but at the very end of the night someone got themselves a 5 finger discount and the book is gone!!! I suppose this is how Bob Monkhouse felt when he left his joke book in a taxi. I would like it back please. I feel I’m owed some good karma seeing as I found a video camera on the floor of the Dragon Bar and handed it in the night before. Please get in touch if it turns up. Peace Out. x 


When The Smoke Clears

Thank you to everyone who made the effort to come to my 1st solo show. The private view was epic – somewhere between Spinal Tap and Eyes Wide Shut.

Highlights included: setting off the fire alarm with the smoke machine, seeing 300 Londoners drunk on Sheffield beer and Alice Dellal clearing away the empty bottles at the end. I think the 3 riot vans thought they’d found the G20 after party until they saw the Frank Sidebottom-style animal-headed warriors wondering about. They was well perplexed. Show runs ’til April 25th.

Photos courtesy of Dan Sumption.