I Dream of Ouija / West Midlands Stand Tall

Group Shows are generally as underwhelming and awkward as I imagine Speed Dating to be – so it was nice to be included in a show which not only boasts a strong lineup, but one that’s been curated by good people who have their sh*t together too. 

Linesteppers is literally a street away from where Chu hosted Graffiti Bastards back in ’96, which I think symbolizes just how far I’ve come in the art world… Take A Look At Me Now!!!

Wildstyle Ouija

Lord Ponk and Studio Amour asked me to get involved in their One Thousand And One Nights silk screen series. This little number was inspired by Rick Griffin, Buddy Esquire and the movie Wildstyle. Essential for contacting the spirit of Ramo. Rest In Peace (Cracker). 



Brooklyn Took It (Oh Really?)

I first heard about this in October, but since the film’s been released internationally I’ve started getting emails from everyone telling me to check it out. Don’t blink when the trailer hits 1:06.

The same piece was also in the background of an Ellen Von Unwerth shoot for Erin Fetherston with Karen Elson posing in front of it. I guess it pays off doing daytimes in Williamsburg, but this is all sounding uncomfortably like the lyrics from a No Bra song. You’ll be pleased to know it’s since been buffed. 




ellen booknewnoflowers.indd

Tick Tock & You Don’t Stop

24 artists x laser etched 12″ vinyl = Record Time™, an exhibition of bespoke clock designs. Not entirely sure what I was thinking when I drew this, but if you’re into timepieces with shark-boats and lightening bolts on them – visit The Good Folk for the scoop. Show runs ’til May 28th @ The Palmer Projects, Sydney and features works by the likes of Michael C Place, ALIFE, Jeremyville and Bigfoot. Word. 


Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

I’ve never understood the idea of making toys just so men in their late 30’s could put them on the shelf in their study, but after we met up a few times and they plied me with free booze – the good people at Kid Robot won me over. 

Like most trains – these little chaps should have arrived a while ago but I kept missing the release schedule. Basically, I was either away, drunk or asleep – but at long last here they are. Better late than never! I promise – the promo sets I’ve been sent will be given to my friend’s kids to play with, not to my friends knocking-on-40 to collect dust and wind up on Ebay. All aboard! 

Smoke & Mirrors Fanzine + Soundtrack

Last Saturday Cherrystones and I gave an artist talk to coincide with the final day of my exhibition. A room full of people turned up to hear us wobble-gob about the process and ideas behind the show. It was especially nice that the majority of them were strangers, actually interested in what we had to say – not just our mates there for moral support. So thanks to everyone for showing up. 

I made this fanzine to document the work. The entire thing was made within a ten minute radios from my house, DIY styles. It comes complete with exclusive Cherrystones soundtrack and A3 poster. Format is A5 – 40 page traditional litho print + hand screen printed cover. 100 copies, numbered and embossed. 

They might have sold out by now. If not, get one from here




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