Halfway To Hell

If you avoid the Hippies, glow-sticks and bad acid – festivals are well good fun. This weekend, Sheffield held it’s first free Tramlines festival with music being played all over the city. I was asked to curate a night at The Shakespeare on Friday. It was a lot of fun and the pub was rammed. Rob Gordon kindly took control of the sound, Man Like Me and Chips for the Poor came up from London to play alongside our new set and despite a few grey clouds, Tim hooked up a red hot BBQ in the beer garden. 
In fact, the whole weekend was a right laugh, we supported Rodney P and Skitz the following day before bombing it down The Grapes to catch Heebie Jeebies play a packed-out room and finished the night in The Washington as Squire of Gothos merked it with some dubstep and bassline. 
Although it chucked it down for Reverend & The Makers on the main stage – as luck would have it, our DJ, Benjamin was asked to play Supersonic Festival on Sunday so we were in Birmingham by this point. It was no less wet in the West Midlands, but at least we managed to catch 65 Days of Static and see Goblin play Italian prog, indoors! Word. 
Sheffield definitely needs it’s own music festival. It was good to see the city so vibrant. Next year they should give us an entire weekend to curate. I want to see Lords, Hardskin and Anal C*nt play Dev Green. Mr Lif wants an excuse to visit his relatives and it’s been at least 6 month’s since I got Ragga Twins up here to perform! South Yorks represent…
All photos courtesy of Dan Sumption

That’ll Learn ‘Em

It’s true what the NHS say – “Too much alcohol makes you feel invincible when you’re most vulnerable”, but the best thing about painting the side of everyone’s favourite Ghetto Boozer is that the locals are more than happy to help dismantle the scaffolding, even at midnight after a skinful. And when it rains or gets too dark – you can go indoors, get mash-up and dance to Janet Jackson with your mates… 




Iz the Wiz R.I.P

I felt very sad to learn that Iz the Wiz had passed away. Iz was an absolute graffiti legend, he more than lived up to his title of “The Master Blaster” + he had all the best quotes in Style Wars

I never had the opportunity to meet him in person, though we did write to one another during the early ’90’s. He’d regularly send me outlines, photos and New York fat caps – just the kind of encouragement a young bumpkin needed from an New York king! He was also kind enough to do an interview for my first ever fanzine. Here’s an Iz piece I did for him as a way of thanks, circa ’93. My sincere condolences go out to his family and friends. Iz the Wiz – Rest In Peace.