Full Moon + Private View = Private Parts & Lunatics

I’m not sure if it was the full moon, the strong booze or both – but pretty much everyone who attended Friday’s private view of 7 Styles For 7 Brothers went proper crackers – which is exactly what you want at an inaugural show I guess. Thanks again to Thornbridge for hooking up the beer and thanks to everyone for showing up and making it a great night. Show runs til September 27th. More about the print editions soon… 


Cloak & Stick

Yo Bum Ballerinas, here’s a new T-shirt design what just came out via Concrete Hermit. It’s a girl in a neck brace and mask holding a stick, wearing a cloak made out of leaves. Sounds bloomin’ potty but looks bloomin’ snazzy. Available now in putty grey via their site. And I just found out I went to the same school as Ian Stevenson, he was in my brother’s year. What are the chances of that eh? We should be in their list of alumni or some sh!t. 





Science of the Lambe-Lambes

Last Summer I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Brazil, painting graffiti, sightseeing and hanging out with good people. We spent a few days in São Paulo where I was introduced to the guys at Choque Cutural. They were kind enough to give us a tour of their gallery and studio and as a result, introduced us to the world of lambe-lambe – a traditional printing process they use for all their promotional posters and most of their print editions. Everything is printed at Gráfica Fidalga – a small letterpress workshop nearby. While wanging a few wheatpastes in the streets, I noticed tons of lambe-lambe posters throughout the city and was keen to collaborate on an edition of my own. After a few set backs thanks to the Brazilian postal service, I’m happy to say this pair of prints are finally being released. Each design is a 2 colour lambe-lambe print with a 4 colour hand-pulled screen print on top. Já vi pior… Aperfeiçoe!






J’ai Kiffé Cannes

I’m pretty sure we just played one of our best sets at Festival Pantiero. If not, it’s got to be one of the most enjoyable! Aside from sharing a stage with the likes of Yo! Majesty, Lady Sovereign, Ebony Bones and ESG – we got blind drunk, swam in the sea night and day and hung out with a whole bunch of cool French people. Damn, I love France… C’est chouette! 





Photos courtesy of Good Karma. Merci Mec.

Live & Learn

How do you turn a duck into a soul singer? Put it in the oven till it’s Bill Withers! ha ha. 

That’s what my mate Ian told me before I went and painted this blockbuster, which made me laugh a whole lot more than the estate lads yelling “You’ve missed a bit” every 5 minutes. 
Painting billboards is a funny one, if they had an advert on them, no one would bat an eyelid but as soon as you paint them, everyone’s a critic. 
My favourite comment of the day was from an old fella who asked me what I was doing and when I told him, replied “Artwork? F*ck me! You wanna paint some bloody ducks on it!” He was cool. He even offered to help, but looked too drunk to climb up ladders. We’re doing a Duck Rock collabo next week. I’m gonna paint Edd The Duck flippin’ the birdy saying “Duck You”. It’s all about ducks these days. Even if mallards do rape each other… 
Mind you, the best graffiti was in the pub carpark next door, which is where I bumped into Matic Mouth. He gave me a copy of his new mix tape. Go check it – Sheffeeel Sh*t!!! 

Halfway To Hell

If you avoid the Hippies, glow-sticks and bad acid – festivals are well good fun. This weekend, Sheffield held it’s first free Tramlines festival with music being played all over the city. I was asked to curate a night at The Shakespeare on Friday. It was a lot of fun and the pub was rammed. Rob Gordon kindly took control of the sound, Man Like Me and Chips for the Poor came up from London to play alongside our new set and despite a few grey clouds, Tim hooked up a red hot BBQ in the beer garden. 
In fact, the whole weekend was a right laugh, we supported Rodney P and Skitz the following day before bombing it down The Grapes to catch Heebie Jeebies play a packed-out room and finished the night in The Washington as Squire of Gothos merked it with some dubstep and bassline. 
Although it chucked it down for Reverend & The Makers on the main stage – as luck would have it, our DJ, Benjamin was asked to play Supersonic Festival on Sunday so we were in Birmingham by this point. It was no less wet in the West Midlands, but at least we managed to catch 65 Days of Static and see Goblin play Italian prog, indoors! Word. 
Sheffield definitely needs it’s own music festival. It was good to see the city so vibrant. Next year they should give us an entire weekend to curate. I want to see Lords, Hardskin and Anal C*nt play Dev Green. Mr Lif wants an excuse to visit his relatives and it’s been at least 6 month’s since I got Ragga Twins up here to perform! South Yorks represent…
All photos courtesy of Dan Sumption