New Slogan Prints

Here’s a preview of an exclusive series of German and Bavarian slogans I’ve been working on for my show in Munich. Each design is a 3 colour hand-pulled screen print on 250gsm recycled stock and super limited to editions of 5.

My personal favourite is “ABA HUND SAN’S SCHO” (For They Are Real Dogs). 


And for good measure, I made a few English ones too… 

Graffiti Colouring Book # 2

Dokument Press are probably my favourite publishers (responsible for classic tomes such as Writers United, Overground & They Call Us Vandals), so I was pretty chuffed to be asked to contribute towards their latest publication – a graffiti colouring book. The 2nd volume in a series, this book focusses on characters and includes outlines by the likes of Honet (Paris), RosyOne (Bienne) and Dr Revolt (New York). 

I drew this double spread inspired by the pre-online ordering days of “shopping” for car paint. As Tracy 168 said in the early 80’s – “Graffiti is for kids”… 


And if colouring books are your thing, track down a copy of Attitude Dancer by Todd James. 

Ois’ Easy

Word. Here’s the flyer for my solo show in Munich, which opens on April 29th.

For more details, visit Helmet Gallery. Voll Krass!  



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