Elle België

If you live in Belgium and read ELLE Magazine, you might spot some of my illustrations in this month’s issue. There’s an article HERE in Russian, but the pictures are universal.


Photography: Hicham Riad / Model: Robin Hölzken

Lomo Amigo & Away We Go

The nice folk at LOMO gave me a camera recently and in return, asked if I’d document my whereabouts for their blog. As it goes it’s wound up as a nice visual diary of the past few months.

I’ve not shot anything on 35mm for years so it’s been a lot of fun. Full interview HERE + a selection of the images below…


↑ Farma G


↑ Mr Lif


Mad Colours


↑ Toddla T / Shola Ama / Serocee


↑ Major Lazer


↑ Diplo


More Lomo’s soon…

Stabby Women x The Duke Spirit = Glorious

The Duke Spirit got in touch recently to say how much they loved the Stabby Women film series.

So much so in fact, they asked us to create a re-edit for their new single, Glorious.

As you can see, the visuals sit with the audio perfectly, so of course we said yes.

The video is directed by my co-conspiritor, Dscreet. Concept and creative direction by yours truly.

The Duke Spirit are currently on tour in America with Jane’s Addiction. Word.


The Duke Spirit – Glorious



Photo © Stefan Willhoit

Rest In Peace MCA

About 10 years ago I decided to have a Beastie Boys day and listened to all their LPs in their entirety in consecutive order. Not many artists you can do that with and genuinely enjoy the experience, but me, I really did. I feel like doing the same thing again now – with the added bonus of them having released a couple more LPs since then. In my view, Beastie Boys have never fell off. Totally consistent, yet always different. I truly felt an affinity with them at high school when I found out I was rocking the same Poizone jacket as MCA was in the ‘Sure Shot’ video. I doubt we’d have made any of our own music if it wasn’t for them inspiring us so much. True pioneers. Rest In Peace MCA.