Stand & Deliver – Fanzine Release

STAND & DELIVER – 60 page fanzine + 2 colour risograph insert.


• Documents the 10 year history of Stabby Women

• Format A5 landscape

• 60 printed pages
• Traditional lithograph on uncoated 120gsm stock
• CMYK centre spread
• Gloss laminated cover on 300gsm fuchsia pink stock
• Limited run of 200 – Individually numbered and embossed by the artist


• 2 colour risograph insert
• 500 word artist’s summary


Available HERE


* PLEASE NOTE – online orders will not be sent out until July 23rd *

Your Hands, Your Feet, Your Voice

Ema and I were recently invited to paint the world renowned St Thomas’ Boys & Girls Club in Wincobank, Sheffield – where more boxing champions have been produced than anywhere else on the planet thanks to the unique training style of Brendan Ingle who took over the gym in the mid sixties.


His success stories include the likes of Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham, Johnny Nelson, Junior Witter, Ryan Rhodes, Kell Brook, Kid Galahad, Richard Towers and of course, Prince Naseem Hamed.


Here’s some shots of our mural + additional portraits by Theo Simpson. The scroll on the painting says “Your Hands, Your Feet, Your Voice” – Brendan’s own words of wisdom, which refers to his maverick approach of getting students to sing while they train as a means to coordinate their movements and stay focussed.



↑ Johnny Nelson


Junior Witter


↑ Kid Galahad


L-R: Richard Towers, Kid Galahad, Johnny Nelson, Abraham Homer, Leigh Wood, Sam O’Maison, Junior Witter.


Special thanks to Bridget Ingle for organising everything.

Stand & Deliver – New Works In Progress

Decoupage, monoprints, ink drawings, collage, screenprints, risographs… It’s all happening.


Stand & Deliver / June 30th – July 23rd / C.A.V.E. Gallery, 1108 Abbot Kinney Blvd, VENICE, CA

Lomo Amigos #2

More LOMO antics…


Bill Drummond


↑ Oli Sykes


↑ Broke ‘N’ £nglish


Mad Colours


↑ Tom Sykes