Burgundy Blood Meets Mongrels

…In The Pop Wilderness.


When MONGRELS first ventured across the rugged Pennines landscape, through Snake Pass and into the Pop Wilderness, little did they know a chance encounter would change their lives forever. Stood in the centre of a stone circle, the silhouette of a man appeared under the full moon. Dressed in a flannel Champion bathrobe and welcoming them with open arms, it was none other than their long lost relative, BURGUNDY BLOOD. He was indeed ‘the brother from another mother’ whom they had heard so much about. Although no words were exchanged, he looked upon them knowingly. After a short ritual display of lunar worship, the enigmatic figure disappeared into the night leaving only a mysterious cassette behind. The tape was simply labeled ‘IN THE POP WILDERNESS’. The master copy has now been verified as 100% dope and has been duplicated 100 times for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Get yourself a copy HERE to understand what it truly means to be certified fresh.







YOU DIG RAPS? (Part One) feat. Sebash

What do you know about cuttin’ up CR*SS records, spittin’ bars about WIZBIT and getting SEBASTIAN LAWS to provide the hook? “Very little” you might well say.

Nonetheless, you can still enjoy this epic montage of my Super8 footage, shot through a fish eye lens in various UK cities at the turn of the Millennium. It’s like a mildly hip-hop version of HOW WE USED TO LIVE or an extremely low budget version of The Beastie Boys’ ROOT DOWN video, 20 years too late and bang on schedule…




Available on limited edition 7″ vinyl HERE

Also available on iTunes

Fantasy Rap lll

MONGRELS are (MC) Kid Acne and (DJ) Benjamin.

FANTASY RAP lll is a tribute to REQ, inspired by FANTASY ROC / SUBCULTURE (Skint 14). Taken from the current EP, LOW BUDGET / HIGH CONCEPT Mixed and mastered by Dean Honer. Super8 footage shot towards the end of the last millennium, featuring Brighton graffiti by SheOne, Req and members of The Dusty Knights…




Available on limited edition 10″ vinyl HERE
Also available on iTunes