Preparing for my forthcoming show at C.A.V.E Gallery this Summer…


Don’t Be Daft

My SUCH IS LIFE piece sold last week, so I’ve painted this DON’T BE DAFT canvas to take it’s place. Currently on view at B&B Gallery in the HERE WE ARE group show. Open Saturdays 10am – 4pm (weekdays by appointment) until May 14th.


Rhythm Composer

“I’m back with an 808 cos I’m Bossy!” 


Exclusive Kid Acne x B&B Gallery edition. One colour, hand-pulled screen print in edition of 30. Metallic silver ink on matt black stock. Available HERE.


Don’t Look Back #2

Photocopied fanzine made in 1992 (age 13) Features from: Blade, Gunshot, Rough, Dane, Sober & Rumah + Siski. Cover photo by my Dad who also taught me how to paginate the pages and layout the text. Send an S.A.E + 60p sellotaped to some cardboard.