Black Books Finest

I first met Silvio in 2003 when he came to London with RCF1 to collect material for an excellent, but sadly short lived magazine titled Gettin’ Fame. Although I can’t read the French text, it still stands up to this day as a great publication.
The next time we met was a few years later when I bumped into bunch of blaireaus getting drunk by the canal in Paris one summer’s evening. Amongst the chaos and high spirits stood Silvio – He asked me to do some outlines for a screen printed fanzine he was making called Black Books Finest. The copy he had with him included hand-styles by the likes of Jon One and O’ Clock, so I felt pretty honoured to be asked.
After a few set backs, the second installment is finally seeing the light of day. I’m still waiting for a copy, but did notice contributions by Mike Giant and Grim Team, so no doubt it’ll be a goody.
Format is 32cm x 45cm, hand screen printed and limited to 100 copies. C’est chouette, non?