Cover Version – Let It Bleed

Cover Version is the inaugural group show curated by Pete McKee at his brand new A Month of Sundays gallery.

Each artist has been asked to recreate an LP sleeve of their choice. The lineup includes a diverse and talented bunch, but I was most excited to find out Tony Husband, creator of Oink! and Round the Bend is one of the select few. Fingers crossed he’ll do a 2010 remake of the Oink! flexidisc “Poo Poo Tinkle Tinkle Parp Parp Oink Tiddly Widdly Widdly Widdly Plop”.

Anyhow. Here’s my sleeve… 


I became aware of Let It Bleed after a friend at school sampled the track Monkey Man for one of our early demo recordings. This later became a song on my first LP, but more importantly – I began listening to the Rolling Stones’ 1969 album too. Until then, I was only really interested in listening to hip-hop but through my friend’s expansive record collection, rudimentary sampler and 4-track recorder I was introduced to a whole host of influential music such as Silver Apples, Faust, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Captain Beefheart, Credence Clearwater Revival and so on. To this day, Let It Bleed is one of my favourite records of all time. I also found out the cake on the cover was baked by a then unknown cookery writer called Delia Smith. Scrumptious.

Show runs September 11th while October 14th.