If It Ain’t Broke, Break It

Continuing the theme of far too many DJ’s, drunk ‘n’ charge MC’s and malfunctioning equipment – I’m proud to say SOUTH YORKS (Part Deux) didn’t disappoint. Once again, in celebration and acknowledgement of our musical heritage – South Yorkshire’s heavyweight producers, musicians and DJ’s went head to head with an eclectic mix of bleep, pop, punk and bogle, all of which has been recorded and remixed within the 7 Hills we call home. (We tried doing the same thing in Leicester but got stuck after playing Mark Morrison, Showaddywaddy and Speedy Banton). 

Big Aye Aye to Ian Anderson for bringing us into the future with his drum computer, Big props to Winston Hazel (FMG / Smac19) for dropping a rucksack of rare acetates and dubplates into the mix. Big up to Pipes for letting the world know Dizzee Rascal recorded at Kenwood Studios and thank you to Amy Dutronc for announcing Pink Grease’s “come back”.

X-amount of props to Slick Dixxx for flying in from Barcelona and to spread the love and to Zombie Disco Squad for calling in half way through their world tour! 


Once again, thanks for Thornbridge and Henderson’s for hooking up the tasty liquids and while we’re at it – check out The Beat Is The Law, now out on DVD for your eyes and ears. More SOUTH YORKS shenanigans coming soon…