Instant Karma

My sketch book got passed around at the private view and it’s not often the likes of Elk, SheOne, GasFace, Ziml, ATG, Stormie, Rough, Sick Boy, Cept, Busk, Pure Evil, Pete Fowler, Will Barras, Stef Plaetz, Sweet Toof, Chu, Midfield General, D*Face, Word To Mother and London Police get up in the same pages – but at the very end of the night someone got themselves a 5 finger discount and the book is gone!!! I suppose this is how Bob Monkhouse felt when he left his joke book in a taxi. I would like it back please. I feel I’m owed some good karma seeing as I found a video camera on the floor of the Dragon Bar and handed it in the night before. Please get in touch if it turns up. Peace Out. x