Live & Learn

How do you turn a duck into a soul singer? Put it in the oven till it’s Bill Withers! ha ha. 

That’s what my mate Ian told me before I went and painted this blockbuster, which made me laugh a whole lot more than the estate lads yelling “You’ve missed a bit” every 5 minutes. 
Painting billboards is a funny one, if they had an advert on them, no one would bat an eyelid but as soon as you paint them, everyone’s a critic. 
My favourite comment of the day was from an old fella who asked me what I was doing and when I told him, replied “Artwork? F*ck me! You wanna paint some bloody ducks on it!” He was cool. He even offered to help, but looked too drunk to climb up ladders. We’re doing a Duck Rock collabo next week. I’m gonna paint Edd The Duck flippin’ the birdy saying “Duck You”. It’s all about ducks these days. Even if mallards do rape each other… 
Mind you, the best graffiti was in the pub carpark next door, which is where I bumped into Matic Mouth. He gave me a copy of his new mix tape. Go check it – Sheffeeel Sh*t!!!