Mongrels – Attack The Megalith

• Limited edition vinyl EP
• 250 copies worldwide
• Hand-painted sleeves
• 3000gsm uncoated stock
• White vinyl
• Eggshell sticker on the front
• Stamped and numbered on the back
• Exclusive enamel badge + embroidered patch with each order


* RELEASE DATE: MAY 15th 2017 * 
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1. FULL MOON / HALF MOON (Hashfinger Remix)
2. MAN FROM ATLANTIS (Third Person Lurkin Remix)
3. YOU DIG RAPS? (Part 2) (Morriarchi Remix)
4. DUPPY CONQUEROR (Sam Zircon Remix)
5. ZODIAC ROCKERZ (King Kashmere Remix)
6. AZTEC FUTURISTIC (Juga-Naut Remix)
7. UNDERGROUND DWELLERS (Charlie Dark Remix)
8. SKELETON DRUMS (Midfield General Remix)


(INV031) Invisible Spies
Vocals by Kid Acne, Sebash, Juice Aleem & Lord Rao
Mixed & Mastered by Dean Honer
Curated and compiled by Kid Acne
Artwork by Kid Acne