Eddy Fresh x Covers

Today, Alex Bartsch and I went back to the original location of the EDDY FRESH record sleeve. Alex shot an alignment for his ongoing COVERS series. Big up Sam Ashley for the original photo (and for chasing a disgruntled milkman around Grimesthorpe at the crack of dawn back in 2007). And yes, the Gescom Remix is still the best bit!

South Yorks T’s on the re-up

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Council Pop Alignment

Too many hip-hop albums got Pitbulls and Rottweilers on the cover; What do you know about the Border Collie and Persian Cat combo?? COUNCIL POP Lp (2003) – Back when the 24 hour Spar was pretty much the only thing on Abbeydale Road. Inspired by Alex Bartsch’s series, I went back today to capture this alignment. Now outside Pirate Ship with Picture House Social in the background. Original photo by Ian Newcomb. Rockin’ the NHS specs, thrift store baseball cap, my Granddad’s old body warmer and a pair of deadstock Adidas Grand Prix. Yes Mate!

A benchmark for UK hip-hop” **** Muzik
“Genius” **** DJ Magazine
“Ceaselessly inventive” **** Mojo
“A real dirty classic” **** Knowledge
“I bet he’s even good at darts” **** Hip Hop Connection