Park Hill Billies

Park Hill is one mampi size council estate. It’s synonymous with Sheffield and is the largest Grade ll listed building in Europe. It was constructed in the late 1950’s with a utopian “streets in the sky” vision, but in recent years became more like the Bronx back in the 80’s. I always think of that scene out of La Haine when I think of Park Hill. Not sure why. It’s currently being redeveloped by Urban Splash in partnership with English Heritage as part of a ten year program to reinstate that initial 50’s vision with a 21st century donk on it. I did these paintings up there last week. The backgrounds are purple for all the Warp fans out there as they held part of their 20th anniversary celebrations on site at the weekend. Thought it’d be a nice touch. There are so many huge walls (that are not part of the listing) just crying out to be painted… Mmm smooth concrete.