Pitsmoor Can I Get A Signal?

Bosh. Big shout to everyone who made it down for the SOUTH YORKS Off-Tramlines murkage on Friday. What an exceptional night. Proper good vibes. Plenty of dutty bassline, Sheffield bleep and ragga rhythms all lovingly produced, remixed and bootlegged within the 7 Hills of the Steel City.

It’s not often you get to hear a night’s worth of locally crafted gems (without it sounding like a nepotistic mess). And it’s less often you get to hear them being played out by the clever blighters who recorded them in the first place!

Big Aye Aye to Winston Hazel, Oris Jay, DJ Pipes & Chris Duckenfield for digging in the crates and pulling out the heavyweight tunes. Extra special thanks to Toddla T for knocking out the SOUTH YORKS smash ‘n’ grab mini mix and X-amount of love to Rodigan for eclipsing the entire weekend’s festivities with the most incredible set at the after party. Sod Edutainment, that was proper Entercation.