Short Fuses / Long Memories – Ten Years Deep & Still Diggin’

Out of the burnt bum rags of C.U Next Tuesday Records came the flaming Lamborghini / ice cream van of Invisible Spies Records with the debut release being the home-help-hardcore record, “Movement” by cluck doctors Toah Dynamic back in the “Year 2000”.  

You want a record label run by overlords? Then cross the road and don’t use the robot. These Tommy Tuggers are spagulaters in the world wide spider’s web of time, truth, and honour amongst tea leafs.  

“One sugar and don’t spare the horses milk, cos it’s your round Bulldog”  

Damn straight. For those of you who don’t know, back in the mid 90’s we formed a crew called Invisible Spies. This wasn’t a graffiti crew (but we did write our knick-names in bubble letters on the back of our rucksacks and rough books). This was a loose collective for a gaggle of Foxy Boxers who spent their precious time making fanzines (including the seminal Velcro Grass and A Bag of Tricks & Porno Flicks) Super 8 Films (such as the 3 minute wonders – Robot & The PrincessFrom Clapham With Love and Sorry For Any Delay) and forming bands (Brian & The TeenagersMongrelsDeath Row Sandwich and Purple Face to name but a few). 

Although we began releasing limited run 7″ vinyls in 1996 (under the name C. U Next Tuesday Records), Invisible Spies truly came into being in the year 2000 (AKA the year Two Hundred) with our inaugoral release – a vinyl only album as our latest incarnation, Toah Dynamic. Not many people start a record label with an LP recorded in a garden shed, and even fewer use their brother’s GCSE artwork as the front cover and name the album after his GCSE art project, “Movement”. But there you have it. The school gave him a “D” for his efforts, but we gave him the double thumbs up and pressed 1,000 copies. Take that Fatcher. 

Here’s a gallery of the impeccable sleeve art we’ve created over the years. Hold tight for the anniversary mixtape – Short Fuses Long Memories AKA Now That’s What I Call Wasted Money Vol. 1 AKA A Rush Of Blood To The Penis AKA Ten Years Deep & Still Diggin’ AKA We Couldn’t Even Throw Them Away

…coming soon. 

Toah Dynamic – Movement

Benjamin – Red Sun

Toah Dynamic – Son of A Copper 

Toah Dynamic – Harvest Festival 

Mongrels – Fresh Arrangements 

Kid Acne – Regarde, Kid Acne 

Kid Acne – Squirrel Hunters (Midfield General Remix) 

Kid Acne – Rap Traffic 

Supreme Vagabond Craftsman – 2wice As Nude

Toah Dynamic – Cops Hate Our Love

Earl Shilton – Two Rooms (Full of Insects) 

Kid Acne – Council Pop 

Kid Acne – Reality Raps 

Chips for the Poor – LSD Who Said That? 

Methodist Centre – I Sold Out To Management

Methodist Centre – How Safe Is Safe Sex? 

Supreme Vagabond Craftsman – F*ck Everyone, I Am King

Methodist Centre – When You Love Your Job It’s Only Half A Day

Chips for the Poor – Tell Your Mum, Bolan’s Back 

Earl Shilton – Sanguinaria