Silver & Black

Following on from the Halloween shenanigans of blood oaths, skulls and smashing pumpkins (literally of course, we played black metal not Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness) Silver & Black is the third exhibition I’ve curated for Sheffield’s Archipelago Works. 

The show includes exclusive prints by myself / Build / Cat Johnston / The Designers Republic / Dust / Emily Forgot / Ian Stevenson / Kiosk / Martin Bedford / Phlegm / Robin Beck / She One / Susie Wright / Sylvia Ugga / TADO / Tokyo Jo / Tom J. Newell and runs until Jan 10th.

Some artists have used the silver to represent Sheffield’s “knife & fork town” heritage, some have created shiny visions of the future, some more abstract and others are just plain dumb. Whatev’s, they’re all SILVER and BLACK and have been screen-printed in-house by BMX wizard, Josh Bedford. Each print is exclusive to an edition of 20 and they’re all priced at £60. Word. 

Playlist on the night included Black Lace, Silver Apples, Black Sabbath, Silver Machine, Back In Black, the Boon theme tune and Black Betty. Thank you to all the artists for contributing towards this show and thank you to everyone for showing up at the private view. 

Here’s some shots of my print being made. South Yorks represent.