Triple Intruder – SVC / Toah Dingles / Earl Shilton Lp’s

More blast-beats from the past with un, dos, tres Invisible Spies Lp’s now available online;
SUPREME VAGABOND CRAFTSMAN – Twice As Nude, TOAH DYNAMIC – Cops Hate Our Love and EARL SHILTON – Two Rooms (Full of Insects).



‘Supreme Vagabond Craftsman, for my money is one of the best. An incredible blend that is highly unlikely to get commercial success, but it really should do. ‘ Badly Drawn Boy – The Guardian



‘The South Yorkshire-based troupe of sound scape vandals and maverick MC talent have really come up with the goods. They don’t just promise ‘the sound of your barge holiday as it pulls up to a scrap yard of unruly Alsatians’, they actually deliver it.’Mojo



‘One of the best metal records we’ve received for Christ-only-knows how long. Deftly traipses through speed, death, black, Viking and abstract heavy metal without being artsy and annoying. Total mastery of the steed of metaldom. F*cking killer.’ Vice Magazine (Album of the Month)