Fcuk You Eddy

Limited run Eddy Fresh 7″, complete with Gescom dub remix and sticker sheet. Anyone would think it were a box of cereals and not actually a record. Nice one dick head. 

The Beastmaster

Hip Hop Connection not only gave me an ace album review, but also asked me to design them an exclusive double-sided poster this month. The A side is a version of my LP sleeve, based on the amphitheatre in Wild Style. That’s me dressed as a town crier right there, holding a Brixton Briefcase, representing what? my nuts. The B side is my version of The Beastmaster movie poster, as featured in the seminal documentary, Style Wars. “Look at that eagle, word. Look at that eye”. 

Oi! Oi!

Yo Dungshaft, check out the Fresh Prince of South Yorks and I ain’t talkin’ ’bout no local boxer. Y’ get weh???


18 Hour Party People

Here’s a little preview of the new Eddy Fresh promo. I’m like Phil-Kool Moe Dee in Graffiti Rock or some shit. Images courtesy of Jeremy Patterson. Thanks boss!