Quote of The Day

“Are you talking to me?” 


“Am I a winner?” 

“Er, yeah” 

“Well I feel like one when I read that”. 








* Everyone’s A Winner … (Except you, Knob-Eyes)

Article Magazine

Issue 10 of Article is out now and includes a few pages on the recent text-based murals I’ve been painting around town. There’s 1,000 copies and they’re F.O.C so you don’t even need to shoplift to get yer sen one. 






Silver & Black

Following on from the Halloween shenanigans of blood oaths, skulls and smashing pumpkins (literally of course, we played black metal not Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness) Silver & Black is the third exhibition I’ve curated for Sheffield’s Archipelago Works. 

The show includes exclusive prints by myself / Build / Cat Johnston / The Designers Republic / Dust / Emily Forgot / Ian Stevenson / Kiosk / Martin Bedford / Phlegm / Robin Beck / She One / Susie Wright / Sylvia Ugga / TADO / Tokyo Jo / Tom J. Newell and runs until Jan 10th.

Some artists have used the silver to represent Sheffield’s “knife & fork town” heritage, some have created shiny visions of the future, some more abstract and others are just plain dumb. Whatev’s, they’re all SILVER and BLACK and have been screen-printed in-house by BMX wizard, Josh Bedford. Each print is exclusive to an edition of 20 and they’re all priced at £60. Word. 

Playlist on the night included Black Lace, Silver Apples, Black Sabbath, Silver Machine, Back In Black, the Boon theme tune and Black Betty. Thank you to all the artists for contributing towards this show and thank you to everyone for showing up at the private view. 

Here’s some shots of my print being made. South Yorks represent. 





Home Grown – The Story of UK Hip-Hop

Earlier this year I was approached by Urbis to help research and curate an exhibition plotting the history of UK Hip-Hop. Despite the infinite scale of this mammoth task and the lack of time and funding, I couldn’t say no! I’ve been a fan of UK Hip-Hop ever since I discovered Son of Noise, Gunshot and Shakka Shazam


I worked alongside Andy Brydon, their in-house curator (responsible for previous shows such as Factory Records, UK Punk and The Black Panthers) and James McNally – UK Hip-Hop’s answer to Norris McWhirter, having written for Hip-Hop Connection for many years as well as being the proud owner of both an obscene record collection and a photographic memory. 


Basically, they did all the hard work while I rang round everyone I could think of to ask for contributions in between reminiscing about the likes of Bridlington ’89, Bad Meaning Good, Barton Hill, Bushkilla and Barry Blue


I missed the opening night due to illness, which is why this post is so overdue. The show runs until March 2010, so if you’re interested in seeing a supermarket sized room full of the contents of nuf B-Boys’ shoe boxes + some incredible photography by the likes of Normski, Al Baker, Beezer and Steve Double, you’re in for a treat. Highlights include: Cookie Crew’s belt buckles, plenty of Dance Energy footage and early Shut Up & Dance flyers from when they were a breakin’ crew… 


On top of the official thank you list from Urbis, I’d like to give extra thanks to: Peter & Paul, Jehst, Junior Disprol, EH?, Mikey Don, Benji Reid, James Lebens, Clare Tavernor, Kilo, Aroe, Steam 156, Will Robson Scott, Alex Fakso, Huw 72, Benjamin Hatton, Tek33, Part 2, Damian Harris, Trevor Jackson, Dan Larkin, Son Records, Juice Aleem, Zach Turner, Rob Fever, Ben Harris, Felix Braun, Charlie Dark, Dan Greenpeace and DJ Yess for all their hard work and for really coming through on this one. Thanks Guys! 


I’d love to see this show tour the likes of the ICA or Barbican, backed up with a proper publication and documentary. Fingers crossed, it may well happen… 






You’ll Thank Me One Day

I first painted this wall in 1997 when it was pretty much a virgin spot. The only other graffiti was a giant hand painted in the 80’s and at the very far end, a historic collaboration between Rolf Harris and 808 State (which still remains today). For a while it became a Hall of Fame until they built some artist studios on the car park and fenced it off. I’ve painted it a few times since then but recently some of the “artists” in the studios objected. I was going to write CHILL OUT GRANDDAD, but opted for this instead… 




Thanks to Shaun Bloodworth and Dan Sumption for the photos once again.

Tha Knows

You say “utopia” I say “euphoria” – what a muddle head! I’m making a habit of saying stupid things in The Guardian. Last time my quote found it’s way into Private Eye. Oh well. At least they spelled my name right. 




To add to Toddla’s tour of Division Street, I decided to list 10 more places of interest for the next time you’re at a loose end in the Steel City… 


1. Archipelago – Sidney Street

A refreshingly DIY art gallery in the Cultural Industries Quarter – showcasing some of the UK’s most prestigious illustrators, designers and graphic artists alongside the rising talents from South Yorkshire to Shoreditch. Equipped with in-house screen printing facilities run by resident printer and BMX wizard, Josh Bedford. 


2. The Showroom – Paternoster Row 

Similar to Manchester’s Corner House and The Broadway in Nottingham, The Showroom is responsible for screening an absolute shed load of independent cinema. This is also home to the annual Doc Fest and if nothing else, I’d like to thank them for introducing me to the world of Werner Herzog many years ago. 


3. Bragazzi – Abbeydale Road

Probably the best coffee in town. Depending on your preference of lactating mothers, some times of the day are better than others (if that’s your thing – you’ll find an abundance of them at Blue Moon cafe in town).


4. The Shakespeare – Gibraltar Street 

Aside from hosting my album launch and various Invisible Spies nights, the Shakespeare have brought legends such as Silver Apples and Bob Log lll to Sheffield for all to enjoy. Better when there’s a gig night as it’s a little out the way for a pint, but if you are down that way – make a pub crawl out of it and visit The Riverside, Kelham Island and Fat Cat too. Word. 


5. Sheaf View – Gleadless Road

No exhibitions, atmospheric lighting or even music for that matter. Just a no nonsense boozer frequented by Time Team, serving exceptional beers and ales from around the world. And most of which are under £2 a pint. Wallop. 


6. Two Steps – Sharrow Vale Road 

Arguably the greatest fish and chips in Sheffield. They now even have Green Steps a stones throw away, which serves organic and vegetarian options for the more fussy/ conscious among you. 


7. Graves Park Animal Farm – Hemsworth Road 

If you’re into chickens, piglets, goats, deer, rabbits, owls and sheep – you really should pay this place a visit. It’s ace. Slightly smaller and closer to town is Heeley City Farm, which is also worth a gander. 


8. Noodle Inn – London Road

All the best places to eat are on London Road. You’ll find amazing examples of Caribbean, Thai, Japanese and Turkish, but for an enormous bowl of soup / plate of food for just £6 you really can’t go wrong. You also get free ice cream for afters. 


9. Stockroom – Leadmill Road

I held my 30th here (where Ragga Twins played an entire old school set!). It’s a dope little venue and when it’s rammed full of Sheffield’s 12 Hour Party People, it’s a bloody riot. 


10. Mangla – Spital Hill 

A general misconception is that you only go to Pitsmoor to buy crack or get shot – you also go here to eat great food. You’ll find an excellent variety of dishes from all around the world, but as far as curry houses go, Mangla is the don. I preferred it when it was just a room full of tables and chairs, but they’ve tarted it up to look like a proper restaurant now. Bring your own beer from the East House or offie over the road. Either way, it’s a bad boy dinner for not much money.


* Probably the best thing about Sheffield is how close it is the the Peaks. Head the opposite direction to Meadow Hall and get your sen out there. x

Oh My Days

A bunch of stabby women have been invading East London… 








Park Hill Billies

Park Hill is one mampi size council estate. It’s synonymous with Sheffield and is the largest Grade ll listed building in Europe. It was constructed in the late 1950’s with a utopian “streets in the sky” vision, but in recent years became more like the Bronx back in the 80’s. I always think of that scene out of La Haine when I think of Park Hill. Not sure why. It’s currently being redeveloped by Urban Splash in partnership with English Heritage as part of a ten year program to reinstate that initial 50’s vision with a 21st century donk on it. I did these paintings up there last week. The backgrounds are purple for all the Warp fans out there as they held part of their 20th anniversary celebrations on site at the weekend. Thought it’d be a nice touch. There are so many huge walls (that are not part of the listing) just crying out to be painted… Mmm smooth concrete.










7 Prints From 7 Brothers

To coincide with the 7 Styles… exhibition, Archipelago launched this series of exclusive prints by myself, Sweet Toof, Dscreet, Infinite Livez, Russell Maurice, Pinky & Cept. Each design is a 3 colour hand-pulled screen print on 250gsm recycled stock and limited to a run of 30. What’s more, they’ve all been graced by the fair hands of Josh Bedford – their in-house printer, who’s also pretty snazzy at Bicycle Motor X. You can buy the prints direct from here. Word.