Invisible Spies Ten Year Anniversary Mixxx

Yo Herman Munster. Trick or treat Muffarucker! I mean, Merry Chrimbobalina one and all…

To celebrate a decade at Invisible Spies Records, we proudly present to you, the people of the world, our ten year anniversary mixxx: 

“Short Fuses, Long Memories AKA Now That’s What I Call Wasted Money Vol. 1 AKA 

A Rush Of Blood To The Penis AKA Ten Years Deep & Still Diggin’ AKA We Couldn’t Even Throw Them Away”

Compiled and mixxxed by Benjamin (Body Scratch) Hatton, with artwork by yours truly. 

Download here. Careful, It’ll send you cross-eared. x x x


Kid Acne x APG Print Editions

Yo Tiny Tim. 

If like me, you leave your Christmas shopping to the last minute – you might be interested in this series of prints I’ve made with APG Works in Sheffield. After working together for the past few years, we’ve decided to release two new designs alongside a reissue of two classics (in a half scale format). And thanks to those 18 inches of snow last month, they’re ready two weeks later than scheduled! Word. 

UK Christmas orders until December 22nd. Available here.

Rick Walla Walla Bing Bong. x


Strong & Northern 2nd Edition 35cm x 50cm. Edition of 100. 


Sheffield City Scape – 35cm x 100cm. Edition of 60. 


Helsinki Girl 2nd Edition – 50cm x 70cm. Edition of 30.


Knife & Forkshire – 35cm x 50cm. Edition of 50.

The Surprising Adventures of Baron Münchausen

Stolen Space have teamed up with Penguin Books for this year’s Winter group show. ‘Never Judge…’ features works by over a hundred artists, each recreating a book cover of their choice. Here’s my version of Rudolf Erich Raspe’s 1785 novel, heavily influenced by Terry Gilliam’s movie adaptation from 1988. 

Show runs until December 19th. Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery, London E1.