Love Stinks (& So Do You)

Lascivious have released a second set of luxury playing cards. The theme was love, but as I’d just been dumped, this is what I done… 52 card pickup anyone? 

Hooligan 78 x Hooligan 69

When you reach 30, it’s not just time to throw a party, it’s time to phone Ragga Twins… step out!!! Thank you to everyone for showing up, especially Flinty Badman, Deman Rockers and Supa Dan. 


Rap With Tourettes At The Discotheque

The last remix Midfield General did for me was Squirrel Hunters in 2001 when he spiced Joe Ski Love and Cockney Rebel together with aplomb and I wobble-gobbed about wearing Pro-Keds while sniffing gas down the rally banks. After somewhat of a hiatus, he’s pulled a party-mix of Sliding Doors out the bag. This came in way past the deadline seeing as we cut the vinyl a year ago, but defo one to wang on your I-pod if you’re trotting down the fairground to cop top scores on the punchbag or something. Thanks Heavy D, it’s another corker! 

Issue 8 + 1 = 6 Pages

+ 1 Magazine have run a feature on my work in their current issue. Despite sounding like a bit of a miserable twat, it was nice to get it off my chest and talk to someone who cares… Thanks fellas.

Metallic Totems

This is a new graphic I’ve designed for Unabomber. It’s available in three different sizes and colourways; gold, silver and bronze. Due for release in the new year. Bosh! 

The Bowery Boys

Inspired by the bottles behind the bar, specimen jars and Baseball Fury, I designed this window graphic for a new watering hole in Sheffield. It’s called The Bowery

Hey Ladies!!!

A bunch of little stabby women have been cropping up in a handful of major cities. These were spotted in East London. They’ve got swords but I doubt they’ll murk you, unless of course it’s Murkday…