At Least One Good Reason To Watch The Haunted-Fish Tank This Week…

It comes with great pleasure that I’m able to announce the 1st instalment of our ZEBRA FACE animated series is finally here.


Zebra Face is a bombastic stripey horse with rudimentary rhyme skills and an insulin dependant sidekick, Durable Mouth Organ Diabetic.


The un-dynamic duo’s nifty sweet adventures have been brought to life in a series of short animations for Channel 4’s Random Acts series.


Episode 1 – RUMBLES IN THE TUMBLES – Thursday July 26th. 5 past midnight

Durable Mouth Organ Diabetic is unwell and falls victim to a tummy virus attack. Luckily, Ruffy Tumbles & Tuffy Rumbles are able to assist Zebra Face in saving the day.


Episode 2 – CLOUD TROUBLE  – Friday August 3rd. 5 past midnight

Zebra Face and his sidekick Durable Mouth Organ Diabetic deliver swift justice to an insolent cloud. Their friend Messy Dinosaur is on hand to help out.


The characters voices come courtesy of a diverse and talented bunch. Hip-Hop stars Taskforce, Juice Aleem, Lady Chann and Infinite Livez all contribute to the “chilliant brainwaves” and belly-flop dives one time, whilst Rosamund Hanson (This Is England) appears as the egg-stra thoughtful Messy Dinosaur and Jarvis Cocker becomes the omnipotent Sun taking on the role of narrator. Word.


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Peace out. x