Radio Music / Council Pop / Reality Raps / Acne Instrumentals


Continuing the ongoing saga of turning the Invisible Spies back-catalgue digikal, we’re pleased to let loose a series of Ackers releases from the Council Pop era of rhyming-verbal-diarrea. Big up Req One on the drum-computer and the entire Invisible Spies massive. Word.

 RADIO MUSIC / HOOLIGAN 78 – June 2003 
“Jiggyness on a budget if ever we heard of it” – Hip-Hop Connection 

“Kid comes through with an eccentric and lo-fi take on UK hardcore” –Muzik 

“This man knows why all your friends are criminals now and he can definitely get you a shooter if you want one. Genius” – DJ Magazine 

COUNCIL POP – August 2003 
“A benchmark for UK hip-hop and come to that, for the representation of UK culture in popular music” **** – Muzik 

“A brutally concise wreckage. Beautifully measured, penetrative, incisive music. Genius”
DJ Magazine 

“This album offers an alternative to the dirge. You definitely need to hear it” – ATM 

“Top quality without the bling” – Breaking Point 

“Ceaselessly inventive” **** – Mojo 

“A short, sharp blow-to-the-windpipe of an album” **** – Big Issue 

“Riotously funny” – Vice Magazine 

“He’s come up with a real dirty classic. Who else would dare rhyme hamlet with Russ Abbot?”
***** – Knowledge 

“Welcome evidence of authentic Brit-hop life outside the wafer-thin offerings of the garage ghetto, with no blings attached” – Word 

“He’s good, he’s very good. I bet he’s even good at darts” – Hip Hop Connection 

“Definitely worth checking” – IDJ 

“The real village type shiznit” – Careless Talk 

“A bloody classic” **** – Big Cheese

REALITY RAPS – April 2004 


“We can wax lyrical about this EP but our best advise is to buy it and throw away the receipt”

Hip-Hop Connection 

“Kid Acne drops three pearls of bug-eyed boom-bap stupidity” – Jockey Slut 

“More off-the-hook mirth-rap from your man like Acne” – Vice Magazine 

“Reality Raps was the moment I stopped simply admiring Kid Acne and actually started loving the shit he does. Sureplayer” **** – DJ Magazine 

“It’s clear from the cover it’s going to be great. Go buy it. It’s the bomb” **** – Big Cheese