Science of the Lambe-Lambes

Last Summer I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks in Brazil, painting graffiti, sightseeing and hanging out with good people. We spent a few days in São Paulo where I was introduced to the guys at Choque Cutural. They were kind enough to give us a tour of their gallery and studio and as a result, introduced us to the world of lambe-lambe – a traditional printing process they use for all their promotional posters and most of their print editions. Everything is printed at Gráfica Fidalga – a small letterpress workshop nearby. While wanging a few wheatpastes in the streets, I noticed tons of lambe-lambe posters throughout the city and was keen to collaborate on an edition of my own. After a few set backs thanks to the Brazilian postal service, I’m happy to say this pair of prints are finally being released. Each design is a 2 colour lambe-lambe print with a 4 colour hand-pulled screen print on top. Já vi pior… Aperfeiçoe!