I’m elated to tell you SOUTH YORKS Vol. 1 is available now as a free download. 50 exceptionally mixxxed minutes, courtesy of yours truly and your boy, Slick Dixxx (he did the mixing I helped pick the songs). Nowt but smashers and bangers from artists inextricably linked with Knife and Forkshire (That’s right numb-nuts, Squarepusher lived in Netheredge).  


 This is by no means a definitive history, this is purely a celebration of the music heritage and wealth of creativity to come from the 7 Hills so many of us call home. Special thanks to Slick Dixxx, Benjamin Hatton, Pipes, Rob Gordon, Christian Bennett, Eve Wood and Alex Usborne. Big up yer sen. 
Download here. Hold tight for Volume 2. Tha knows.