You Dig Raps? (Part One) / Combat Divers (Scotty Hard Remix)

Hot on the heels of our recent LOW BUDGET/HIGH CONCEPT 10″ EP, MONGRELS (Kid Acne & Benjamin) are keeping things rolling with a brand new 7″ titled YOU DIG RAPS? (Part One). For this very special release we welcome guest vocals from “terror-mad-visionary” Sebastian Laws (AKA Sebash) of the legendary group NEW KINGDOM





Maverick New York producer, Scotty Hard (also of New Kingdom) has honoured us with remixing a track from our forthcoming LP for the B side. Having worked with everyone from ANTI POP CONSORTIUM to WU TANG CLAN, it’s no surprise the SP-12 Scotty used for his version of COMBAT DIVERS is the original badboy from Calliope Studios, circa ’89 – used by many great artists including A TRIBE CALLED QUEST, BRAND NUBIAN, BLACK SHEEP, JUNGLE BROTHERS, GANGSTARR, 45KING, PRINCE PAUL, DE LA SOUL and ULTRAMAGNETIC MC’S… It doesn’t make my rapping any better, but it’s still nice to know!